Travel Talk is a weekly YouTube hosted live show where award-winning travel writer and founder of Go Eat Give, Sucheta Rawal addresses important topics in travel and responds to audience questions. Fans and travel enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to ask questions about travel blogging, building a business from travel, responsible traveling and more.

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Ep 1: How to start travel blogging? Are you dreaming of quitting your job and traveling the world? Before you turn in your resignation, chat with Sucheta to learn about the basics of travel blogging and how to stand out from the crowd. Watch Here

Ep 2: Saving money, not experiences. How can you travel more with less money whether or not you are a travel professional. Sucheta shares how she’s managed to visit 80+ countries for almost free! Watch Here

Ep 3: Traveling for Instagram vs. the experience. Don’t die taking a selfie and leave all your fans hanging! Here’s how to stay sane while traveling in the world of digital and social media. Watch Here

Ep 4: Traveling for food and food blogging. When you land at a new place, do you first look for where to try the local cuisine? If you call yourself a foodie, want to learn about finding the most authentic food experiences or are interested in learning about food blogging, don’t miss this episode. Watch Here

Ep 5: Myths and Truth about Volunteer Vacations. Why do you have to pay to volunteer or time and effort? Learn about the ins and outs of volunteer vacationing and find out what destinations are hot for 2019. Watch Here

Ep 6: Finding People & Making Friends. How to connect with locals anywhere in the world? Discover ways to finding people in cities where you don’t know anyone who can be your hosts, guides or even lifelong friends! Watch Here

Ep 7: Best Places to Go in 2019. Most travel magazines and website have released their top destinations, countries of the year and must places to visit in 2019 by now. Find out which ones you really ought to visit, when and why. Watch Here

Coming Up Next:

Feb 6, 2019: What are press trips and how can you get on them? Let’s also talk about press trip expectations, etiquettes and what a sample itinerary may look like. Click here to join live

Feb 20, 2019: Life in the day of a travel blogger. You have seen travel blogger post pictures of the exotic places they are at and all the delicious food they are eating. Here you can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. 

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