Add This to Your Summer Travel Bucket List – Glamping in a Treehouse in Georgia

For CheapOAir Miles Away blog. June 2017. 

There’s something childishly fulfilling about staying up in a treehouse. This summer, if you want to feel a bit nostalgic and re-ignite some of those emotions (but you just can’t part with a few luxuries), you’ll be happy to know there are decadent modern treehouses just for you.

But is it worth all the hype?

We’ve heard of the famous TreeHouse Point in Washington state and even the exclusive Treehouse Cottages in Arkansas, which are just some of the most incredible treehouses in the US,  so we decided to travel to Georgia to scope out another luxurious property for ourselves.

Located in Flintstone, Georgia at the base of Lookout Mountain near downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, Treetop Hideaways came about as an idea to allow childhood memories to flourish and for families to experience sustainable living close to the city. There are two houses on the property, each equipped with their personal bedrooms, living area, kitchenettes, full baths, decks, and outdoor fireplaces.

You won’t need to trek through a forest to get to this treehouse. There’s a short paved trail from the parking lot to the cabins and a short staircase that brings you inside.

Image via Sucheta Rawal/

The original treehouse has a two-story loft with a bedroom upstairs offering spectacular views of the canopy from its large windows. There’s also a small bathroom where a whiskey barrel is placed for a shower tub and copper coins donated by people across the country make up the unique flooring.

Image via Sucheta Rawal/

The second one named “Dove Men+Care Elements Treehouse” has a bathroom that makes you really feel like you’re at a private spa in the middle of the forest. Very few treehouses can claim to have heated flooring, temperature controlled 5-head shower with a digital keypad, and a glass enclosed tree in the bathroom with skylight and see-through flooring.

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Image via Sucheta Rawal/

Neighborhood restaurants offer delivery of pizza and ice cream right to your treehouse door. You can also grill hamburgers and roast s’mores over the outdoor grill and enjoy a quiet evening by the fire pit under the stars.

The unique tree hotel is popular with couples and families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without having to compromise on luxury. Most people spend 2-4 nights at the treehouse, so they can enjoy outdoor adventures, sightseeing, entertainment and dining in the surrounding area.

After our experience, we’ve got to say that glamping up in a treehouse is just something that can take your bucket list to new heights, so go ahead and branch out!

Written for CheapOAir Miles Away blog. June 2017. 

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