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Sucheta Rawal is a travel expert with a mission to raise awareness of the world through meaningful travel and cultural understanding. Drawing from her own experience of traveling to over 110 countries across 7 continents, Sucheta speaks on how to make travel diverse, sustainable, accessible, and profitable.

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HuffPost. May 2024. Food Network champion Maneet Chauhan will make you think twice next time you criticize a culture’s cuisine.

AAA The Extra Mile. May 2024. A hint of Nashville’s music scene and a dash of Napa’s vineyard-hopping culture blended together creates the essence of Lexington Kentucky.

AAA The Extra Mile. May 2024. Find out the best beaches for Memorial Day weekend.

AAA The Extra Mile. May 2024. Houston—the 4th-largest city in the U.S.—has a fascinating mix of culture, cuisine, and art. Whether you’re traveling for a sporting event, a family adventure, or simply exploring the New Capital of Southern Cool, Houston has much to offer. For food lovers, Houston’s diverse culinary scene boasts over 13,000 restaurants […]

Khabar Magazine. May 2024 PRINT. It’s past midnight, and throngs of friends and family have gathered on the streets of Surat in the western state of Gujarat in India. They have come out for their “second dinner”—where the star ingredient is the egg. The large, hot tavaas of the many street cart vendors are sizzling […]

Georgia Trend Magazine. April 2024. We have heard that food is a common denominator that brings people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds together. It is no surprise then, that people flock to the city of Alpharetta each spring to celebrate the season with food, music and activities.

Discover Chamblee. 2024 print. Buford Highway is one of the most multi-cultural culinary corridors in the nation.

Savor Magazine. 2024 print. Georgia’s cultural diversity is reflected in the vast number of restaurants serving flavors from all offer the world. From conforming pho to savory empanadas, a world of dishes promise a delicious trip around the globe.

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