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Sucheta Rawal is a travel expert with a mission to raise awareness of the world through meaningful travel and cultural understanding. Drawing from her own experience of traveling to over 110 countries across 7 continents, Sucheta speaks on how to make travel diverse, sustainable, accessible, and profitable.

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Khabar Magazine. January 2024 print issue. Whenever I visit India, I can’t help but admire the slim waistlines and petite figures of the beautiful ladies who cook and clean around homes. I asked one of them what her secret was, other than the fact that she is quite physically active all day long. The woman, […]

Fodor’s Travel. December 2023. Hanging globe lights and little ceramic Christmas trees adorned the long family-style wooden dinner table. At El Pretexto culinary farm lodge in the scenic Cercadillo community in Cayey, Puerto Rico, I shared bowls of rice, beans, and pollo guisado (chicken stew) that the owner’s mother had cooked just minutes ago using […]

Khabar Magazine. Dec 2023 print issue. Indian restaurants sorely failed to make a mark in the recently launched Michelin Guide for Atlanta. Here are six things they can do to step up their chances to get the highly coveted Michelin star. October was somewhat of a milestone in the annals of the dining scene in […]

AAA. November 2023. Cruising can be an affordable and fun way to travel, offering ease of transfers between location and greater accessibility for travelers with limited mobility. But with so many cruise lines and sailings to choose from, booking your first cruise can be a daunting task. You want to ensure you pick the right ship size, […]

AAA. November 2023. If you are looking to cruise with Royal Caribbean but can’t decide which of its 29 ocean-going vessels to choose from, here’s a quick breakdown for you. Royal Caribbean ship classes are broken into six groups, each constructed around the same time with the same basic design. Most offer similar amenities with […]

Georgia Trend Magazine. November 2023. If you are a novice homebrewer or ever dreamed of having a profession in beer, be inspired by Robert Young, III. Young is an Atlanta native, who started drinking beer in college (as many do) and discovered his true love for the drink as he traveled through Germany and Czechia […]

Georgia Trend Magazine. Nov 2023. Atlanta’s culinary scene has been on a positive trajectory for past two decades. We have produced a great selection of international restaurants, inspired southern chefs and attracted the country’s best talent here. So it is no surprise that Atlanta is finally being recognized as a foodie city fit for epicurean […]

Fodor’s Travel. November 2023. Ship Overview Cruise Style Expedition Ship Size Small Prince Range $$$$ Sails To Antarctica  Sails From Punta Arenas, Chile  Duration 8 days With two icebreakers and four small expedition ships, Quark Expeditions, specializing in cruising to the polar regions, has the largest fleet of polar-class vessels in the industry The Ocean Adventurer sails […]

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