Khabar Magazine. March 2024 PRINT.

There is no shortage of places around metro Atlanta to get your fix of Indian street food—so why open another establishment, you may ask? Because this one brings the legacy of one of Delhi’s most famous sweet shops and restaurants to Atlanta. If you grew up there, be prepared for culinary nostalgia. For others, it’s an opportunity to find what’s all the buzz about north Indian chaats.

The legendary Nathu’s Sweets opened in the mid-1930s as a temporary tea stall and has been in the same Gupta family from Haryana for four generations. Today, the flagship location still bustles in central Delhi’s busy Bengali Market. Celebrities and Indian ministers are often spotted dining on Nathu’s best-selling palak patta chaat, aloo kulcha, and CBD (chhole bhature of Delhi) in the capital. Over the years, its many chain stores and franchises have become wildly popular across India.

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