Research shows that 7 in 10 consumers would choose a destination, lodging, or transportation option that is more inclusive to all types of travelers, even if it’s more expensive.

Inspire and guide travelers with culturally sensitive, accessible and fuller messaging, because it is not just good for business, but is the right thing to do.

Sucheta Rawal can help you harness the power of diverse voices through better storytelling, more inclusive marketing strategy, and by highlighting the cultural diversity of your destination. 


Are you attracting travelers who are willing to spend more on travel that’s 
 truly inclusive?

"It is rare that you come across such a thoughtful journalist as Sucheta. We recently had the opportunity to work together to shine a light on Portland and working with her has been an absolute pleasure through and through. She is a true professional, incredibly responsive and really takes the time to get to know a destination. She went above and beyond to understand the intricacies of our city, which is reflected in her stories on the destination. I'm looking forward to continued collaboration with Sucheta."

-Anna Fox, Travel Portland

She went above and beyond

"Sucheta is an absolute joy to work with. Professional, personable, and thorough, she always produces great stories across multiple outlets. Her extensive knowledge of global cultures and traditions enhances her ability to share detailed stories from her travels. I look forward to working with Sucheta at every opportunity."

-Brad Packer, Four Seasons Resort

Extensive knowledge of global cultures and traditions

"I have known Sucheta for over 10 years and seen her passion for culture and travel evolve into extremely impactful engagements with individuals at a personal level and with corporations at a professional level. In May 2018, Sucheta spoke at First Data for the Asian Heritage month. She spoke on cause based "meaningful" travel. Her talk was very well received and in fact a number of First Data employees followed up with her after the event to further explore opportunities on being sustainable travelers. I highly recommend Sucheta for any events given her ease of communication and wealth of experience via her travels, food critique writing and children based "Beato" travel books."

-Poonam Nath, Goldman Sachs

Her storytelling manner was inspiring and offered unique insights

"Sucheta is a talented writer, whether it's writing about food or travel. She immerses herself into every story, resulting in compelling storytelling each and every time. Sucheta has the rare ability to bring each story to life, no matter the subject. On a personal level, it's always great to meet for a coffee to catch up on her latest adventures."

-Roland Alonzi, Contento

She has a rare ability to bring each story to life

"Sucheta invests herself into her endeavors and goals like no one I know. She is fearlessly proactive when it comes to her projects and yet one of the most pleasantly professional people I have worked with. She holds a needle-point eye for detail, respectively, and ensures each project is completed to perfection. Personally, I am glad to simply know her as she is the type of person who, without words, makes me believe that I can reach my goals in life, specifically the far-fetched ones. I would recommend her for any pursuit she desires."

-Amber L., UX Leader

She is fearlessly proactive

"We are so grateful to have had Sucheta Rawal as a guest speaker for our Global Youth Leadership in Action Program this summer. The students loved hearing about Sucheta’s journey and how she found her passion, and turned it into her life’s work . Sucheta is an inspirational speaker that touches the heart!"

-Justine McDonald, Brandon Hall School 

An inspirational speaker that touches the heart!

"Sucheta is an absolute pleasure to work with and is always willing to share her extensive knowledge of the travel industry and destinations around the world. My team and I had the opportunity to partner with Sucheta on her recent visit to New Mexico, from which she helped to share beautiful stories on the destination. Sucheta takes a keen interest in the subjects she writes on and is an impactful storyteller. We look forward to working with her again in the future!"

-Erica Benken, Giant Noise

An impactful storyteller

"Sucheta, you are an outstanding person and a great gift for everyone who gets in touch with you. Your dedication to people in need, your passion for traveling and your love of children is amazing. Your books for children are inspiring and a great introduction to different customs and cultures."

-Gundie Jahn-Held, IWA

Your books for children are inspiring and a great introduction to different customs and cultures.

"She traveled to meet us in Tanzania to write about her experience with us ( She was very patient and willing to explore all that come in hand. She took her time and wrote in a very creative way of her experience in Tanzania. Asante sana for sharing our story."

-Justa Lujwangana, Curious on Tanzania

It was great collaborating with Sucheta!

Sucheta Rawal is a travel expert with a mission to raise awareness of the world through meaningful travel and cultural understanding. Drawing from her own experience of traveling to over 110 countries across 7 continents, Sucheta speaks on how to make travel diverse, sustainable, accessible, and profitable.

She is author of 5 children’s books on travel, founder of the nonprofit - Go Eat Give, and an award-winning food and travel writer reaching 600+ million readers annually.




Keynote Speaking Topics

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UNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF your cultural intelligence

Is your organization prepared to address the new definition of diversity in travel that extends beyond race, gender and age? Does your travel media strategy represent your populace? Learn to create more inclusive travel experiences that speak to eager global audiences, using real life examples and proven techniques. 

Cultural intelligence is no longer an essential tool, but a critical skill required to work effectively in today's globalized world. Prepare for change by hearing TED speaker, Rawal share how travel can foster communication, collaboration, greater understanding and appreciation for diversity, through firsthand experiences.



Today’s travelers are demanding deeper meaning, local impact and magical experiences. They are willing to spend more, stay longer, and go beyond to be able to relate to the environment, people and culture. Knowing how to create and capitalize on these opportunities, will give you an added advantage in the competing travel space. Using her two decades of experience in sustainable tourism, Sucheta demonstrates how to approach sustainability in business, marketing, and as a consumer.

As travelers, we have a unique opportunity to represent not only ourselves but also our countries, cultures, and beliefs. Citizen diplomacy involves all individuals helping in building relationships and promoting mutual understanding across borders. Find out the many ways in which travelers can influence and build cross-cultural connections, both while traveling and when they are back home, so we can break down barriers and promote a more peaceful world.



A common denominator - food has the power to connect people from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Find out how Rawal's nonprofit, Go Eat Give, has brought together underrepresented citizens around the world to communicate, learn, forge friendships, and bridge cultural divides.

According to the "Delivering through Diversity" report by McKinsey & Company,, companies with gender-diverse leadership teams are 21% more likely to outperform their competitors. Sucheta found that in Botswana, a safari game lodge was able to achieve a five-star hotel rating, gained an increase in positive reviews and a decrease in overhead expenses by recruiting an all-women guide team. Allow your organizations to unlock the full potential of your workforce.


In a study published in the World Journal of Social Science Research, traditional leadership skills from the 19th and 20th centuries are no longer applicable in today’s work environment. Instead of feeling that you don’t have the capacity to meet the demands of work, have more work stress and inefficiency in the organization, learn the secrets of the samurai.
Some Japanese business men and women have found an unconventional way to become a corporate samurai, and Sucheta Rawal shares these transformative lessons after training with a 13th generation master in Japan.

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Global Speaker

Start the conversation on diversity at your event or organization by listening to a dynamic BIPOC speaker share her vast experience. Travel and hospitality keynote speaker, Sucheta Rawal will leave your audience with inspiring stories and practical tools that will change how you perceive the world. Book Sucheta to speak at your next event. 


Award Winning Journalist

Sucheta offers access to diverse stories that others don’t tell by connecting with people using camouflage as her superpower. Her curiosity and sensitivity has allowed her to access Indigenous, Black, Asian and Hispanic identities across the world.

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Travel Innovator

Travel with Go Eat Give - Want to have a unique and personalized travel experience? Sucheta offers travel consultation, itinerary planning and tour booking to individuals and groups through her nonprofit, Go Eat Give. Trust someone who is actually crisscrossing the globe to book your next trip.

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Inspiring young travelers to learn about the world

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