A Pumpkin Halwa That Will Change how You Feel About Squash

Fifth Season Blog. November 2021.

When I entered my suburban apartment kitchen, the once bare white walls were covered with stringy orange slime. It looked like a chaotic scene from Ghostbusters. But these were pumpkin fibers, not viscous green psycho-reactive slime. And there were no ghosts. Just my own mom and grandma attempting to make pumpkin halwa for Thanksgiving. 

Perhaps my imagination was stretched by my newly found love for scary Hollywood films. At 17 years of age, I had moved from India to the United States and now had access to 24 hours of cable television. 

t was October in Atlanta. There were pumpkins all over the grocery stores, pumpkin lattes at coffee shops, and pumpkin cheesecakes at restaurants. I never even knew there were so many ways to eat pumpkin.

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