When the Pandemic Hit, These Native American Entrepreneurs Got Creative

Fodors Travel. November 2021.

Located near Gallup, New Mexico, in the Colorado Plateau, sits an isolated Native American village. The pueblo of Zuni is a 1300-year-old settlement comprised of indigenous people that organize themselves by the Ashiwi religion and consider themselves children of mother earth and owners of the Seven Golden Cities of CĂ­bola.

Today, the pueblo comprises approximately 12,500 residents, most of whom are retired or very young. Like many Native American villages, adults move away to the big cities for higher education and lucrative jobs. There is not much of an economy within the pueblo unless you make jewelry, pottery, or other arts and crafts to sell at the trading posts. What the Zunis have to their advantage is a deeply rooted history and passion for sharing with the outside world. Recently, few locals have taken the initiative to create structured programs so that visitors can learn about Zuni history, culture, and cuisine.

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