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Sucheta Rawal is a travel expert with a mission to raise awareness of the world through meaningful travel and cultural understanding. Drawing from her own experience of traveling to over 110 countries across 7 continents, Sucheta speaks on how to make travel diverse, sustainable, accessible, and profitable.

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Georgia Trend Magazine. Feb 2024. ~ Click here to read the post on Georgia Trend Magazine.

Khabar Magazine. Feb 2024 print. A retired couple strives to bring Indian flavors to schools across the U.S. As an Indian kid growing up in the U.S., taking pungent curries and oily achar in your school lunch box may have been a head-turner in the past. Today, a growing diversity of student population, along with […]

Georgia Trend Magazine. Feb 2024 print. A steampunk-style twisted scrap-metal tree welcomes you to a colorful dining room. The almost 20-foot-tall Tree of Life sculpture is the work of local Nigerian artist Jonathan Imafidor and serves as an ambitious centerpiece in the restaurant. A long bar sits between the dining room and a sizable climate-controlled patio overlooking […]

Georgia Trend Magazine. Jan 2024. As the new year begins, we start with new resolutions – some of which may be to eat healthier, spend less money, or exercise more. Lately, matcha has become a popular health drink offered at coffee chops, as an alternative to specialty coffee and tea. You may have seen matcha […]

HuffPost. Jan 2024. Shai Lavi is an Israeli immigrant and the founder/chef of The Third Space in Atlanta. His culinary concept offers diners a place to nourish their soul through food and community. Lavi wanted to re-create the family dining experience from his home in Israel that never felt “lonely” or solitary and ate farm-to-table ingredients. Strangers […]

Georgia Trend Magazine. Dec 2023. Recently, award-winning celebrity chef, author, and restaurateur Chef Marcus Samuelsson partnered with the National Peanut Board to curate a special, upscale dining experience at Marcus Bar & Grille that was as nutty as it was nostalgic. The Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef, who owns 12 restaurants, has traveled all over the world and found that peanuts […]

Atlanta Magazine. January 2024 print issue.

Khabar Magazine. January 2024 print issue. From eclectic museums and international festivals to global cuisines and ethnic conclaves, TORONTO offers everything one expects from a modern metropolis. When I arrived at the Toronto Pearson Airport, a blue-turbaned man filled the giant digital screens overlooking the baggage claim area. Advertisements for a Marathi Indian restaurant (located […]

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