Beato Goes To is a series of children’s illustration books about a real cat from Atlanta named Beato, who travels the world in search of adventure. He meets local kids who become his tour guide and take him on a journey around their country to share their places, customs, foods, sports and wildlife. The books are fun and educational, meant to inspire young readers to travel and learn about other cultures.

Beato Goes To books are inspired by real characters that Sucheta has met during her travels. Most of the photographs are taken by her and illustrated into a comic book style with lots of colorful details and capturing texts. The books are recommended for readers ages 4-8 but adults love them too! Schools, libraries, ESL programs and cultural festivals around the world are using Beato Goes To books to learn about the world. Learn more at

Beato Goes To books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and most major retail stores. Wholesale copies are available through the publisher, Mascot Books.

To collaborate on a country specific book, contact Sucheta.

Beato Goes To Greenland

The house cat from Atlanta embarks on his quest to see the world. His first stop is Greenland, where his new friend Ina saves him from sleigh dogs. Together, they visit the largest ice sheets, see polar bears and eat fish and reindeer with an Inuit family. Beato learns about the delicate life in the Arctic and that Greenland is not green!

Beato Goes To Israel

In Israel, Beato learns how people from different religions have lived in harmony over thousands of years. His guide, Helena shows him around the Holy Land, as they taste pomegranate at the markets in Tel Aviv, climb up the Bahai garden in Haifa, encounter Bedouins in the Negev Desert and celebrate the new year at a Kibbutz.

Beato Goes To Indonesia

In Indonesia, Beato learns the importance of protecting endangered animals and their habitats. As he travels with his new friend, Putu, they spot Komodo dragons, proboscis monkeys, pygmy elephants, orangutans, and more. Beato also tries his paws on kite flying, badminton, yoga, and racing on stilts. Portion of profits from Beato Goes To Indonesia benefit the Bali Children’s Project, to impart education to kids in Balinese villages.

Beato Goes To Japan

In Japan, Beato learns why we need to respect our elders, teachers, and our spaces. He sleeps in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, eats mochi for the first time, goes snorkeling in Okinawa, and has tons of fun with sumo wrestlers.

Beato Goes To Brazil

In Brazil, Beato embraces a love for the outdoors and enjoy many different kinds of sports including foot volley, handball and soccer. He learns about the largest urban forest in Rio, the Amazon rainforest, and the diversity of people living in Brazil.

Beato Goes To books are great gifts for families who love to travel. They are also used in elementary schools and libraries to educate young minds about the world. Inquire to book Sucheta for an author visit, reading or book signing while she is in your city.