Marissa Sutera, Program Manager, Wanderful: “Sucheta is a highly engaging speaker with extensive travel experience to draw from. When hosting an event for the Wanderful community, she went above and beyond to interact with the audience and made sure she was catering her talk to be as beneficial as possible to them. If you are looking for a professional and talented speaker who can share stories from around the world that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Sucheta is the one you are seeking!”

Parthiv N. Parekh, Editor-in-chief, Khabar Magazine: “I have watched Sucheta carve out, in a few short years, an enviable niche for herself in travel writing and social and cultural tourism. Her initiative, professionalism, and passion shines through everything she does. In an age where everyone is keen on living their dreams rather than just slogging off in cubicles, she has shown it is indeed possible! Thanks to the impeccable freelance assignments she has turned in for us, we now rest in comfort and confidence when she is on any assignment for us.”

Cheryl Andrews, SATW Webinar Chair: “Wow, Sucheta! The webinar you gave to SATW members recently – How to market brand YOU and stand out in a post pandemic world – was beyond superlative. Your theories, tips, practical how-to’s and what-to’s delivered important paths to success for working journalists and public relations professionals alike. We’ve gotten rave reviews from members and hope perhaps you might deliver another webinar in the coming months. Thank you so very much!”

Sheree Williams, Publisher of Cuisine Noir Magazine: “Sucheta is very passionate about showing others the world through food and travel and her organization Go Eat Give is definitely unlike any other.  As a great writer and contributor to Cuisine Noir, she is always a pleasure to work and her articles shine time after time.  As a culinary favorite on the Taste of Travel stage for the Travel and Adventure Show, Sucheta is also a wonderful culinary instructor with a depth of knowledge about so many cultures and that is refreshing to see.”

Mackenzie Crawford, Community Bucket: “Sucheta and her team at Go Eat Give catered a dinner event that my non profit hosted, and they did a wonderful job.  She came up with an amazing menu with enough variety that there was something that appealed to all 50 attendees.  We even had a few last minute dietary restrictions come up, and she was able to adjust the menu accordingly on a short notice.  We received nothing but great feedback on the meal, and hope to work with Sucheta and Go Eat Give again for future events!”  

Laura Amarillas, Media Specialist/Strategist: “Sucheta was a pleasure to work with. She’s honest. She works quickly but does thorough research on her stories/subjects. Her pieces are smart and heart-warming.”

Kristina Bullock, Founder/ Editor of Do It While You’re Young: “I have hired Sucheta on multiple occasions to provide travel-related content for my website. Her depth of travel expertise is immense and she is able to provide detailed and interesting accounts based on her adventures. Her style of writing is a pleasure to read and I hope to continue working with her in the future.”

Tiffanie Kendrick for on Washington DC Travel Adventure Show: “Although the focused features were well known celebrities, the presentation that stood out the most to me was the Focus Culinary travel/ Volunteer vacations by Sucheta Rawal, Founder of Go Eat Give. She raised awareness to different cultures and explained how to experience the true culture of a country through “Volunteering vacationing”.

Amber Soley, Freelance Writer: “Sucheta invests herself into her endeavors and goals like no one I know. She is fearlessly proactive when it comes to her projects and yet one of the most pleasantly professional people I have worked with. She holds a needle-point eye for detail, respectively, and ensures each project is completed to perfection. Personally, I am glad to simply know her as she is the type of person who, without words, makes me believe that I can reach my goals in life, specifically the far-fetched ones. I would recommend her for any pursuit she desires.”

Jane Josifovski, Owner of Macedonia Experience: Sucheta did great job for promotion of Macedonia as travel destination with her articles and blog posts. It’s been  a pleasure to cooperate with her so far, and we’re glad to expand our partnership with Sucheta’s organization in the field of volunteering holidays.”

Carol Dew, Audience Member: “Sucheta Rawal recently gave a very interesting presentation on her non-profit Go Eat Give to our International Class at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. We are a group of 30-40 individuals from may countries and backgrounds. Sucheta’s well-organized and informative talk about the opportunities for learning more about another country while making a contribution as a volunteer was a real treat for us to hear. Sucheta is an amazing woman with boundless energy and enthusiasm.”

Kelly S. Campbell Co-founder – Village Experience: “We invited Sucheta to Kenya a few months ago to experience two of our best selling destinations in the region. She began in the Lamu Archipelago for sailing and seafood and then flew to the Masai Mara National Reserve for some of the best game viewing in the world. Our hope was that Sucheta would love Kenya as much as we do and want to publicize it. Her follow up articles and social media posts have proven that she did indeed enjoy her trip and traveling with us on our socially responsible tourism itineraries. Sucheta was so much fun to have around and does a great job of promoting tourism destinations around the world.”

Meto Koloski, Co-Founder and President of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD): “The best article I have ever read on travel to Macedonia!”

Richard Quan, Founder & Managing Editor, Impact Times: “Sucheta is an outstanding individual and a great writer. She is one of the three 2010 Gold Pen Award finalists. Her article was chosen from among all the articles published in Impact Times magazine for the year 2010.”

Catherine L. Bradford, Graduation Coach and Professor at Kennesaw State University: “Your presentation made an impact on me and the young women in my KSU 1101 course who were in attendance. Thank you for giving freely of your time to share your personal stories and also the story of Go Eat Give!”

11 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Alex Flack, Student Leader for Cobb Youth Leadership

    Sucheta is passionate and inspiring. What she works to accomplish has meaning and drive that moved the leaders she spoke to in the event we set up for the young leaders of Cobb County. She was a pleasure to work with while planning the event. It is clear she loves what she does, which I feel played a huge role in her ability to share her material so smoothly. During her presentation and while speaking to her individually it was clear she had exceptional knowledge on ethnic restaurants in the Atlanta area, traveling necessities, and diverse volunteer opportunities. Thanks for your inspiring ambition and your impactful presentation!

  2. “Sucheta is a wonderful, clever and big-hearted soul, all of which make for an incisive and heart-warming response to all she sees and does. She was a gem in our #CaravanOfDreams travel writer visit to Armenia and we look forward to her return to the #CaravanOfDreams in Eastern Turkey! It’s been a pleasure to host her and read her impressions of this exciting but little-known part of the world, and we look forward to expanding our—I won’t say partnership, for we already have built a dedicated professional friendship, for she sees the world as wee do–an place to make friends in exotic places. GO! EAT! GIVE!”

  3. Sucheta is a high sensitive, creative, leader woman; professional and great writer!
    She loves children and I love her books about adventures across different countries to young readers…
    I’m personally very happy to meet Sucheta! Her volunteer works during traveling has attracted me and I would like to organize with her such tours! GO, EAT, GIVE to MONGOLIA!

  4. It was such an amazing decision to have Sucheta at our digital marketing conference. She added amazing value to our audience and inspired entrepreneurs to go after their dreams and create relevant content for their websites.

  5. Samantha Carr

    Sucheta Rawal was our guest author for this year’s Mill Creek Cluster Student Literacy Institute, and she did an amazing job! She promoted a true love for literacy with our students while explaining how she travels to incredible countries to get her ideas! She walked our eager students, grades 1-8, through the writing process, and did a fabulous job breaking it down for each grade-specific group. The students LOVED hearing about Beato’s adventures! She is an excellent speaker, and we’re thankful she was able to share her experiences with us this year! xxoo Samantha Carr, Director

  6. Justine McDonald

    We are so grateful to have had Sucheta Rawal as a guest speaker for our Global Youth Leadership in Action Program this summer. The students loved hearing about Sucheta’s journey and how she found her passion, and turned it into her life’s work . Sucheta is an inspirational speaker that touches the heart!

  7. Gundie Jahn-Held, Chair of IWA (International Women Association) and member of GCIV

    Sucheta, you are an outstanding person and a great gift for everyone who gets in touch with you. Your dedication to people in need, your passion for traveling and your love of children is amazing. Your books for children are inspiring and a great introduction to different customs and cultures.

  8. It was great collaborating with Sucheta. She traveled to meet us in Tanzania to write about her experience with us (
    She was very patient and willing to explore all that come in hand. She took her time and wrote in a very creative way of her experience in Tanzania. Asante sana for sharing our story.

  9. Over a year ago I contacted Sucheta about an exciting new venture that I was helping to promote in Japan; a Yamabushi (mountain monk) training programme being offered in English for the first time in 1300 years. She required no convincing at all to hop on a plane and become one of the first people to undertake this arduous training in English which involved standing under a freezing waterfall, meditating in a smoke filled room and not bathing or cleaning teeth for the duration of the programme. She brought her passion for life and fantastic sense of adventure and has since produced a number of wonderful articles helping to introduce this incredible experience to the wider world.

  10. Ioana Damian

    Sucheta was one of the guest authors for the U.S. Embassy in Romania’s participation in the 2018 Bookfest International Book Fair. We didn’t have any children books’ author and Sucheta saved the day by agreeing to travel so far and support the “Celebrating the South” theme. During the five days of the fair Sucheta not only spoke with the kids about the adventures of Beato, but also inspired other authors at the beginning of their journey and even co-hosted an workshop on illustrating books with one of her illustrators. She was extremely easy and fun to work with, managing each event with a contagious smile.
    On top of everything, after the Fair was over she traveled to a few places in Romania and wrote a beautiful article about her experience, encouraging people to come visit.

  11. Poonam Nath

    I have known Sucheta for over 10 years and seen her passion for culture and travel evolve into extremely impactful engagements with individuals at a personal level and with corporations at a professional level. In May 2018, Sucheta spoke at First Data for the Asian Heritage month. She spoke on cause based “meaningful” travel. This event was telecasted to all First Data employees across USA. Through her own personal experiences she explained different ways to impact employment, income, ecosystems and local culture. Her easy storytelling manner was inspiring and offered unique insights on how to become a “sustainable traveler”. Her talk was very well received and in fact a number of First Data employees followed up with her after the event to further explore opportunities on being sustainable travelers. I highly recommend Sucheta for any events given her ease of communication and wealth of experience via her travels, food critique writing and children based “Beato” travel books.

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