Marissa Sutera, Program Manager, Wanderful: “Sucheta is a highly engaging speaker with extensive travel experience to draw from. When hosting an event for the Wanderful community, she went above and beyond to interact with the audience and made sure she was catering her talk to be as beneficial as possible to them. If you are looking for a professional and talented speaker who can share stories from around the world that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Sucheta is the one you are seeking!”

Cheryl Andrews, SATW Webinar Chair: “Wow, Sucheta! The webinar you gave to SATW members recently – How to market brand YOU and stand out in a post pandemic world – was beyond superlative. Your theories, tips, practical how-to’s and what-to’s delivered important paths to success for working journalists and public relations professionals alike. We’ve gotten rave reviews from members and hope perhaps you might deliver another webinar in the coming months. Thank you so very much!”

Tiffanie Kendrick for on Washington DC Travel Adventure Show: “Although the focused features were well known celebrities, the presentation that stood out the most to me was the Focus Culinary travel/ Volunteer vacations by Sucheta Rawal, Founder of Go Eat Give. She raised awareness to different cultures and explained how to experience the true culture of a country through “Volunteering vacationing”

Jane Josifovski, Owner of Macedonia Experience: Sucheta did great job for promotion of Macedonia as travel destination with her articles and blog posts. It’s been  a pleasure to cooperate with her so far, and we’re glad to expand our partnership with Sucheta’s organization in the field of volunteering holidays.”

Meto Koloski, Co-Founder and President of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD): “The best article I have ever read on travel to Macedonia!”

Catherine L. Bradford, Graduation Coach and Professor at Kennesaw State University: “Your presentation made an impact on me and the young women in my KSU 1101 course who were in attendance. Thank you for giving freely of your time to share your personal stories and also the story of Go Eat Give!”